# Click Listener

If you want to get information about what the user has clicked on, you can set up a callback function. The callback function looks like this:

function clickListener(abcelem, tuneNumber, classes, analysis, drag, mouseEvent) {

renderAbc("paper", abcString, { clickListener: clickListener })

Here is the data that is returned to you:

# abcelem

The internal object that is associated with the element clicked. Use a debugger to see what is available.


This object is subject to change as the library gets more functionality. There is not a guarantee that it will stay backwards compatible. But that said, the structure of this object doesn't change much and usually just adds properties.

# tuneNumber

If there are more than one tune in the original abcString, this reports which tune was clicked on.

# classes

The css classes of the element that was clicked. (This requires the parameter { add_classes: true }).

# analysis

An object containing the following info about the item clicked:

   line: 0, // zero-based line
   measure: 0, // zero-based measure from the beginning of the line
   voice: 0, // zero-based voice 
   staffPos: { top: 0, height: 0, zero: 0 } // the Y-coordinates in the SVG for the staff system that contains the item. "zero" is the Y-coordinate of the middle-C.

# drag

See the Dragging page for more details.

# mouseEvent

The original event that triggered this callback.

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