Pull Requests

Contributions in the form of bug reporting, feature requests, and pull requests are very welcome, but be aware that I work on this as a side project, so it might take a little while to get to your issue. Please don't hesitate to write me directly using the contact page on My Blogopen in new window if you want to tell me something that isn't an "issue".


When creating a pull request, please make the pull request on the dev branch, NOT the main one. The dev branch is where the next version is created and only when it is ready for release is it pushed to the main branch.

Because of the age of the product and the initial support of IE 6, there are many things that should be refactored. Sometimes that is a good thing to do as part of a pull request and sometimes not. Please ask.

I'm not worried about little things like tabs/spaces or general code style - most systems are easily readable. I'm more interested in side effects. There are probably ways to call this library that you aren't aware of. When I evaluate your pull request I'll be trying lots of things.

I would appreciate it if you would include a small test ABC string that shows the problem or feature. I have a large number of these for testing.

If you'd like to contribute but aren't sure what is most useful, please get in touch. I would be happy to figure out where your skills and interest would help.

Last Updated: 10/25/2020, 8:27:31 AM
Contributors: Paul Rosen