Note: The following checklist is for committers only!

For people who want to contribute a pull request, this isn't relevant!


All new work should be done in the dev branch.

To begin a new version:

[_] Run the script ./ ${version}.

[_] Check in the changed files.

To release a new version, this checklist should be followed:

[_] Get all commits since the last release with git log > temp.txt.

[_] Add a section to the top of the release notes.

[_] Be sure the read me file is up to date, along with all the files in docs.

[_] Create a docker instance with ./

[_] Minify the various library versions with npm run build.

[_] Update all personal projects to see if anything breaks.

[_] Check the minified versions and other changed files in.

[_] Merge the dev branch into main.

[_] Push the merge to github with git push.

[_] Update npm with npm publish or npm publish --tag beta. To do this in docker:

docker run -v $(pwd):/srv/app -it abcjs /bin/bash
npm login

[_] Build docs with npm run docs:build.

[_] Push the change that npm publish created with git push.

[_] Push new documentation with ./

[_] On github, "Draft a new release".

  • Click "releases".
  • Click "draft a new release"
  • The tag should be the release number (i.e. "3.0.0")
  • The title should be "Version 3.0.0 release"
  • The description should be a couple sentences about what the release is.

[_] Add the binary to

[_] Read through all the issues to see if any should be closed.

[_] Update

[_] Release a new version of the WordPress pluginopen in new window.

  • Repo at: svn checkout
  • Make changes in /trunk
  • When ready to release, make tag with right-click trunk, subversion => Branch or Tag, then pick "any location" and change the location to .../tags/x.x.x with the version number.
  • check in all changed files.

[_] Release a new version of the vscode extension.

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